The story of Ştirbey labels is full of tradition, history and symbols fused in a modern design. We are glad to share with you this beautiful story that contributed to the renaissance of a tradition.

The labels of Prince Ştirbey Wines were created in 2003, by our good friend, Professor Stephan Seilern, then Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Ausburg and a designer with experience in packaging design and with a very good reputation in creating sustainable brands.

Prior to any sketch, Professor Stephan Seilern listened with interest during several meetings (and several bottles of wine!) to our personal story, the history of the Prince Ştirbey family, and the way we wanted to revive the tradition of this family´s wine, born in the well known vineyards of Drăgășani. After two months, we received the first design proposal that we liked from the first moment: it blended very well the identity and message we wanted to convey – on the one hand, a noble, historic name and an authentic crest, on the other hand, young and intense colors, in other words, something new created from old roots – a rebirth of a tradition!

If you look closely at the labels, the colors of blue, red and gold are the same on all our labels, but you also find a color that changes from one wine to another, reflecting the character of each wine’s variety and tells its story before any tasting. We invite you to discover together some of these wines:

Prince Știrbey Fetească Regală 

A white wine, fresh and crisp, with beautiful bouquet – a label represented by the green that makes you think of freshness.

Prince Știrbey Sauvignon Blanc

A more elegant wine, of a famous French variety, which has a long history – a label represented by a silver that denotes elegance.

Prince Știrbey Cabernet Sauvignon

An intense red wine with a dense structure in the mouth, reflected in the purple color of the label.

The Ştirbey labels remained unchanged from the first edition, launched with the 2003 harvest. We are convinced that this way the labels have gained an inestimable value – more precisely: “brand recognition value”: to be well known and recognized immediately . Thus, the consistency of our labels facilitates the communication and meeting of our wine with the consumers, who can rely on the equally consistent quality of the wine behind the label!

Historic Labels

A few years after these labels were released, we discovered at a collector, some original art-deco style Ştirbey wine labels, from the 1900’s. With these labels, Prince Barbu Ştirbey promoted his wines from Drăgăşani more than 100 years ago. We reprint them for limited editions, for example:

Prince Știrbey  Dessert Știrbey

This label brings us back to the history of the wine cellar. The original label inspired us to reprint it for a wine, made from dry berries of Tămâioasă Românească grapes, resulting in a sweet liquor, as a true dessert itself. We are proud of this label, which is a living proof that a label can remain attractive for generations.