Like shoes help you walking, like the bed helps sleeping or the fork helps eating, sparkling wine supports conversation.

We can very well walk barefoot, sleep on bare earth or eat with hands, like we can also live without speaking and without chinking glasses.

But if you like conversation, we recommend sparkling wine, because – in contrast to other wines – it doesn’t enter into arguments, but keeps itself tactfully and wisely apart, stimulating the unhindered blossoming of joy, passion and excitement.

We suggest you to try this pleasant effect, with the help of the sparkling wines from our winery, made of Romanian grape varieties.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jakob & Ileana Kripp

Spumant Extra Brut : Made of Crâmpoşie grapes, it reflects their fresh and breezy character, vinified according to the traditional “champenoise” method, fermented in the bottle and aged 30 months on the lees: ideal as a stimulating impulse for social occasions, opening doors for conversation.

Spumant Rosé Brut : Vinified of Novac grapes, traditional method with 26 aging on the lees in the bottle, with a bouquet of fresh fruits and an elegant balance on the palate, well suited to accompany smoked fish, ham or paté de foie gras.

Spumant Etichetă Albă : RThe king of Ştirbey sparkling wines, of Fetească Regală grapes, with a full body and complex and harmonious aroma, resulting from 48 months aging on the lees in the bottle – very near to a true Champagne, and deserving to be served with any festive dinner. We guarantee that it will keep conversation inspired and creative up to the last course!


Spumant pentru conversatie