If you look on the Internet for “Rose (without accent!) Prince Ştirbey”, you may find not only our wines, but also a true rose, in the website of the rose nursery Fabien Ducher in Chateauneuf (in the Loire valley, without “du-Pape!”), described as follows:

Origin: Schwartz in 1871. Family: Perpetual hybrid. Flower: fushia, very double.
Fragrance: + + +. Bloom: in flushes throughout the season. Height: 1.5 m.
Price (shipping cost non-inclusive): 14.10 euros.

Discovering it on the internet, Ileana called Mr. Fabien Ducher, and we discovered the origin of the rose “Prince Ştirbey”: The reigning Prince Barbu Ştirbey had moved to Nizza in 1860, where he died in 1869. The rose nursery Schwartz, where Prince Barbu Ştirbey was probably client, homologated a new clone in 1871, and gave it the name PrinceŞtirbey, in memory of the reigning Prince Barbu Ştirbey, who haddied two years earlier.

We ordered at Fabien Ducher some of these roses and planted them in Drăgăşani, along the way to the winery. They bloom over the whole summer, and even now we can find fresh flowers of dark rose colour with a fresh and intense perfume – see the photo of today – we are glad that they have adapted very well in our vineyards!


Prince Stirbey en Rose

But this was not the only news “en rose” which we wanted to show you today: we have also two new new children of this colour, which we intended to present you:

Spumant Rosé – disgorged 16th July 2015

As it recently ran out of stock, we disgorged the next lot of Spumant Brut Rosé 2011, vinified in the traditional method of Novac grapes. So this lot agedon the lees in the bottle for nearly three years, developing a subtle bouquet and a harmonious and refined texture on the palate, influenced by the extended contact with the lees – characteristic for a classic sparkling wine.

We suggest you to associate this sparkling wine with a trans-latin culinary combination – spaghetti with a spicier zacusca – tested successfully by ourselves at lunch today!

Rosé Cuvée 2014

It’s a true innovation in our wine range: of grapes of Novac (35%), Negru de Drăgăşani(50%) and Merlot (15%) of 2014 vintage we assembled as a premiere a Rosé – with an intense and complex bouquet of fruits and spices, with a fresh texture on the palate, refreshing and dense. Inspiration for this Cuvée came from nature itself: after the heavy hailstorm in July 2014, which not only destroyed most of our grapes, but also affected heavily our vines,ripening of the few unaffected grapes slowed down, and their colour didn ́t reach the intensity of a normal year. We took this evolution as a suggestion of nature to vinify something unusal – and the result is convincing.

For dinner we enjoyed this wine with a tender and delicate leg of goat kid with chili chutney – delicious!

And of course you are invited to visit our Prince Ştirbey roses in Drăgăşani!


30th September 2015 / Jakob & Ileana Kripp