Sticle Prince Stirbey

Memories have a special way of capturing the most beautiful moments in our lives, often in terms of taste, smell, and flavour.

We all have those cherished memories etched in our memory—like the time we celebrated our first-grade milestone with a delectable vanilla éclair from our favorite pastry shop. Or the day we got accepted into college, when our father took us out for our very first beer, and we can still recall its slightly bitter taste.

Sometimes, our life stories intertwine with the tales of our favoured wines. These wines become silent witnesses of our journey, standing by us to celebrate the most significant milestones. Long-life stories about people, wines, and joyous moments are what bind us together, enrich us, complete us, and give meaning to our existence.

We are genuinely curious to discover your stories and celebrate them together!


Today marks the launch of our Long-lasting Stories campaign, where we will unravel memories, forge new friendships, and engage in dialogues with those dear to us, who have played a part in shaping what Știrbey winery and its wines mean today. We are thrilled to begin with you—some of you have been by our side for nearly 20 years! We challenge you to share your own long-lasting stories where, perhaps, our wines were witnesses. We want to hear from you, get to know you better, and discover your successes tasting of fresh and fruity Crâmpoșie, the relaxed summer evenings of the delightful aroma of Rosé, or the cozy winter holidays by the fire, savouring of Negru de Drăgășani Rezerva.

In return, we promise to share a series of stories about us, recounted over a glass of wine, revealing who we were and who we are today.

We are confident that this endeavour will fill our souls with joy and remind us once again that we are here to cherish life’s greatest or simplest moments together. We eagerly await your long-lasting stories, which you can send to us at until the end of this month. We would be pleased with your consent to share fragments of your stories on our social media channels.


Come and join us on this beautiful journey that begins today,

Ileana & Jakob Kripp

Ileana si Jakob Kripp